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Maintenance on an OutSystems
Development platform.

MAS stands for Maintenance And Support and is a collective name for all the services connected to Software Applications Maintenance on an OutSystems Development platform. This includes:

Assessment Content

The Assessment is an essential part of the MAS Service we offer. It takes the past implementation and maintenance history, functional and technical scope, used processes, available maintenance team and the organization structure itself into account. The outcome of the Assessment will be given as the first service’s deliverable and an overview and status of the application.


We collect all information about all stakeholders and their positions, including the past interactions with the usage and MAS of the application in the scope of the service.


We mirror the position of the people involved against their personal contribution and communication channels used. In addition, we analyze the SLA (service-level agreement) in place or pretended.


The processes are evaluated against the functional and technical scope, documentation, implementation background, lessons learned, warranties management, Knowledge Databases, support model, incident history, escalation mechanics, formal report and logging.

Technical Maintenance

The ‘technical’ investigates the architecture, coherence, quality and the scope of the OutSystems Application(s)and gives you a realistic impression of the work to be done. It gives you structure in the complexity of your software and shows possible issues.

Why Mas?
The answer to this question is quite simple. Do you drive in a car that never has been checked? Do you plan a long trip without regular and previous maintenance? Of course not. The same goes for software applications.

MAS will decrease the danger of a defective system significantly and the risk of failure. Periodic maintenance will renew the lifetime of your applications and adapt to business requirements evolution, as well as prevents purchasing new software packages/applications within the foreseen time. Regular maintenance will adjust the software in the intervening period and implements the last technical innovations within a cost/benefits balance.

The ATC way

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Application analysis of documentation and background

Remote accesses tests

Handover with functional and technical sessions

Formalization of service beginning with all stakeholders and end-users

The ADA way

ADA is specialized in custom software with a unique mission. We help people and organizations to realize their business ideas and potential. Our solutions are the building blocks for our customers’ dreams. So whether you dream of process innovation or better services, we help you to realize it!


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Set up the MAS service

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